Artist Profile – Amalie Chopetta

Ever since Amalie began her acting career is Saida and won a Kalasha Award in 2014. She's never looked back and is determined to keep growing her craft.

Ever since Amalie began her acting career is Saida and won a Kalasha Award in 2014. She’s never looked back and is determined to keep growing her craft. Amalie is also acting in the much anticipated Susan’s Diary. She sat down with Vumi News to tell us more about her journey.

What was your first-ever acting role and what was it like?

My first ever project was called Saida. I was so green but they say trust the process.

I think that I literally stumbled on that project because the auditions were over but my friend kept telling me that I should go. So I rushed to Little Theatre in Mombasa where they were holding the auditions and I found the door closed. 

The judges were making their final decision. So as I’m turning back heading back home I come across my friend who was manning the door and he asks me to follow him. He writes my name on a piece of paper and gives the judges asks them to audition me. So I’m just like what?

I go in and audition, I was so scared I think I froze half-way. It was just one of those auditions, you don’t want to remember but I got it for some reason or the other.

They must have seen something in me. So we did that and I got an award for that Kalasha Best Supporting Female Actress in a Drama Series in 2014. 

It’s a whole journey, you just don’t wake up and decide I want to be an actress. I want to be a female actress. So it takes practice. 

My first project was Saida but a few others have followed, Pray and Prey, Her Eyes. My recent project is You Again. So yeah, it’s been a whole journey and I love it. I’ve stumbled and fallen, I have cried but all in all, I would not pick any other thing”

What character are you looking forward to portraying one day?

I’ve always wanted to do this commander fighting chicks like Charlize Theron and how they just come into character. I’d like such a role. I’m always playing the controversial girlfriend, the side chick, the baby momma, such things. 

I want something that would be very challenging, that would be so awesome or maybe even an evil witch. 

I would really love such a character, like a very intense fighting character anyway we don’t have those ones yet so am patiently waiting for that role to come my way.

Do you have encouraging words, for someone, who’s thinking about acting?

You need to have tough skin, especially in Nairobi. You can’t be that person who gives up easily. 

Attend as many auditions as possible! I have some friends of mine who’ve fallen out of this craft just because of just that ‘Amalie, I have been to two or three auditions and I haven’t been lucky’, Don’t give up!

You need to be very patient, you need to be persevering. I think you need to love it. To love the craft itself cause if you’re just someone who wants to get into it for the money or the fame then this is not for you. 

You need to have a passion for it. It needs to be second to nature. You can’t just wake up and decide to become an actor. It needs time and consistency. You have to really dedicate yourself to the craft.

What would you consider as your big break?

Well, I think several of my mates would tell me it’s either the fact that I did my first project Saida or maybe something I did something along the way.

I know the small wins, let me not disregard my small wins. I’ve acted with very amazing people. I’ve done very amazing projects.  

I’m not there yet and that’s what I feel, I know my friends will be like but, but, but and I appreciate the but, but, but, and the wins but am not there yet. I don’t think so, I’m not sure.

Are there certain roles that you would say no to?

Certain roles I’d say no… I doubt it. Like do you have any mind?

Like you know certain actors are like, I don’t do nudity, I don’t do drugs

That’s a script, that’s not a role. Of course, a lot of us can’t do nudity because first of all, they don’t pay enough and secondly the fact that we have people in power against this and our society hasnt yet accepted that.

I don’t think we are there as a society. So we’ll have ruined some people’s lives if you do such things but I think that they’re very rare and if they’re there..it’s a very subtle image like you wouldn’t see it, you’d not see anything.

So yeah, I think nudity would be a no go zone for me and it’s whole nudity, not just sex scenes. 

There are some scenes I could pull off, I don’t mind but like nudity, no thank you.

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