Artist Profile – Victoria Gichora

We’re always lying. We always want to portray this… this girl. I’ll just take you for who you are. No, you won’t.

Victoria Gichora is starring in a new show called Susan’s Diary that centers on the female perspective in relationships. It promises to be bold, raw, and insightful. She sat down with Vumi News to tell us more about her process as an artist.

What’s your dream role as an artist?

My dream role isn’t anything specific but I know that I want to do a role. That is the complete opposite of Victoria am not sure how to describe that more…but something totally not Victoria.

Most productions..you know, it’s the same old script except Susan’s Diary but most of the shows are roles that I could see most of it. I could see myself in most of the characters in the storyline or the character Susan.

I’m always looking for a challenging role. Something that I’ve never done. That I would never imagine doing.

What was your first acting role and what was it like?

My first acting role professionally since I don’t think set books count. (giggles)

My first professional role was at Phoenix. I did a play and I got fired in between the rehearsals. 

It just didn’t work but I’ll tell you, to this day, I’m thankful that I got fired because that’s the point I learnt the value of things like time, discipline and you know back then at Phoenix, it was no joke. 

Being an actor, you know, you’re all treated with the same amount of respect and the same amount of pay, it doesn’t matter, who you are, even though, people made a big name from their acting career. The Lupitas were at Phoenix. 

So, you could almost never feel like, you know, this one is getting bigger preference than I am. You all seat on the same booth, work with the same director, and do the same rehearsals. You get what I’m saying.

So yeah, my first role was at Phoenix, it didn’t go through but right afterwards I learnt my lesson and I came back. I was like ‘I’d like another a role’ and I got another role. I got better and better from it.

What did you learn personally from playing Susan’s role?

I learnt that there’s always going to be an external force trying to tell you…How you live? Being expected to act in a certain way? How you should behave? In this age set, there’s always going to be, all that, external forces. It’s never going to change.

Casual conflicts, she has that a lot because she’s trying to please her folks or her people. So I learnt that through all these voices that are going to be coming from outside. It’s always better, I guess, or what you get better out of it is you trying to make you feel like you’re in the right place.

I have to feel like I’m in the right place, at the right time and I deserve to be there because if that’s not the case then you end up making a lot of mistakes. You know like, Susan. She made a lot of mistakes.

I won’t say that she regrets them because she knows how to move on and to keep on moving, she wants more. You would want to avoid those mistakes. So you know, you avoid them by you trying to be true to yourself and also another thing, I learned is that we need to be real in relationships.

We’re always lying. We always want to portray this… this girl. I’ll just take you for who you are. No, you won’t. No, I won’t. I want a guy who doesn’t mind me burping when I’m eating. He doesn’t feel that I look stupid while I’m doing it.

I don’t want you bringing your family, like your mum, into our stories. I want to say that so that you can understand where I’m coming from. So that we can try to make it better. We want to be real with relationships. We also want to take each other for who we are but if it’s not for you.

Then, you’d rather move. You’d rather move on because I feel like the more, you accommodate someone’s flaws…someone’s weaknesses, then, it turns into something that you don’t even realise cause at some point I couldn’t realise who Susan was. I was like…I used to be jovial and happy. Now I’m not because I have to please this guy.

I have to be this picture that he has of me. So, I loved that. It’s hard trying to be yourself in a relationship but I think that’s what we require because we have so many failings in relationships and we want to change that. We don’t end up hurting the people cause we do that and we don’t realise that.

You hurt your family in the process of all these conflicts. You’re hurting your friends. You’re hurting yourself even much more, so, you know. These are really bad times to be in situations like those ones. That was a huge lesson for me.

I can be a people pleaser. I can tend to want to make you happy but then I forget, who I am, in the process. You want to just appreciate yourself and your process, as a person, as a woman, like Susan.

As a recording artist, do you have a stage name?

My name is Victoria Gichora, as an actor…Victoria Gichora, as a musician and yeah on all my platforms in my artistry.


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