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‘Chaguo’ A political Thriller film Now Free To Watch On VumiCentral

The film reveals how election year brings out the worst in Kenyans from tribalism, sexism, colorism and classism. All the negative isms sponsored by politicians seeking elective seats

‘Chaguo’ a timely political thriller movie reflecting on the current electioneering period in the country is now available to watch for free on Vumicentral

The film reveals how election year brings out the worst in Kenyans from tribalism, sexism, colorism and classism. All these negative isms are fueled by self-seeking politicians who have mastered the art of the divide and conquer tactic.

Chaguo is a 100 minutes drama, character-driven with political thriller elements produced by Good Karma Fiction AFRICA Ltd, Ravi Karmalker and directed by Vincent Mbaya. It features popular actors and actresses who have been in the industry for quite some time like Ian Mbugua as Magero, Nick Kwach as Mugeni, Abel Amunga as Njama Magero and Nini Wacera who stands out as a radio moderator just to mention a few.

Set in an unnamed African country, Chaguo stars Wendo Juma and Mugeni Magero, a young engaged couple who come from two different tribes and in a modern-day African Romeo and Juliet. The two major tribes of our unnamed African country have been switching power between them since independence.

Mugeni comes from a wealthy family with a ruthless political legacy but due to past political misdeeds by his family, Mugeni distances himself from politics as much as he can.

Wendo is an apolitical PR manager who works for Mathew Kowa, a young political activist who refuses to fuel his campaign with tribalistic aspects and strongly believes in a change in the political status quo. Wendo joined Kowa’s campaign as a regular job but then his message manages to come through and she starts to believe in his cause and ideology.

The battle intensifies and becomes dirty but through clever PR strategies, Wendo manages to make the new aspirant Kowa more and more popular with voters and a threat to the incumbent MP Njama Magero.

Njama, who thought his election victory was already secure, starts putting pressure on Wendo to turn her back on Kowa. When Wendo refuses, Njama blackmails his nephew Mugeni, which in turn puts a strain on Wendo and Mugeni’s relationship and the two lovers suddenly find themselves opposing each other on different sides of the political spectrum. Will Wendo and Mugeni find each other again in the course of the increasingly heated and dirty election campaign?

The producers: Vincent Mbaya, Kimani Waweru, Veronica M’baya, and Ravi Karmalker describe the film as a show of another face of young Africans who exist in the modern technological world with access to everything a young adult in the western world has access to.

“Their lives are complex and rich and their problems are unique to their society. Their lived lives have just as much right to contribute to the tapestry of human existence as any other found outside Africa.” read a note by the four.

Wendo & Mugeni display two sympathetic characters who stand out for young Africans with their visionary, self-confident and politically emancipated way of life which come into conflict with religious, family and tribal traditions.

At some point, they are forced to go the extra mile and fight for their way of life, their political independence and even their love.

Will this great couple succeed or fail? … Posed right at the beginning, this question creates a maelstrom that keeps the audience gripped until the surprising end. To enjoy the amazing experience and find out how the drama will unfold, click here



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