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Ethic Entertainment apologies for vulgar lyrics

Popular Gengetone group, Ethic entertainment has been forced to apologize to people after they released ‘Tarimbo’ a song that was widely interpreted to promote rape and violence among women.

The Lamba Lolo hitmakers Ethic entertainment found themselves on the other side of the law when they released their new song Tarimbo on Friday 1 st November 2019.

‘Mi huchapa chapa na kanyaga Namwaga hata bila permission’. Which is Rekles line in the chorus brought out many negative reactions towards the song especially Dr. Ezekiel Mutua of the Kenya Film and Classification Board who had called for their arrest and termed the song as `pure crap’ saying that the song advocates for violence and rape of women.

The song also shows scenes of women that are dressed indecently and dances that are very obscene and disturbing to the eye. Although the song was already taken out by Google it had already made an impact to the Kenyan viewers.

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) stated that the youth are losing creativity and advertising immorality and indecency all because of money and fame.

“We banned ‘Wamlambez’, people said we were killing creativity. I asked these morons if they could shout ‘Wamlambez’ before their parents and they said they could. I was baffled. These so-called musicians and performers have defied everything decent societies holds dear. They have thrown morality to the four winds in the name of money and popularity.”

On Monday 4th November 2019, the group came out to their Twitter account to apologize to Kenyans. They stated that they respect women and that the negative reactions that have come to their attention is because of the different interpretations of the song. Ethic entertainment also brought it out to the public that it was not in their intention to advertise such immoral acts such as rape because they come from families that also have mothers, sisters, and aunts.

They understands that women are of high importance to the community and such behavior will not be condoned.

Many Kenyans had different views about the group’s apology. Some still say that the use of sheng language is the ultimate cause while others who are entertained by Ethic entertainment ask for a clean version.

Many people got triggered by the song but Rapper Xtatic could not hold herself on twitter talking about the song.

Was this song a threat to women or is it being blown out of proportion?


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