Huawei to launch a new Operating System (OS)

Huawei did the unexpected after Donald Trump declared a national emergency to ban and refuse technology and services from “foreign advisers”. This is because he thinks that it will make America more safe and secure from cyber-espionage.

Huawei was then banned from accessing and acquiring technology and some
components from the US firms without state approval. Which of course they will not be approved.

The feud between Trump and Huawei went as far as Huawei been dropping by the Android software and given no access to Android applications. With that move, they knew they had Huawei in their place. Despite several talks between both the US government and China government in resolving the issue took place, nothing really beneficial came out but more strict import regulations.

Huawei planned to sue to the US government for not allowing other federal
agencies to use the Chinese network equipment, according to reports stateside.

Huawei then did the unthinkable. Apparently, words have it that Huawei has been working on its own operating system for more than 5 years.
The operating system known as Hongmeng is compatible with all Huawei phones, tablets and TV.

The best part is how the OS supports and is compatible with all
Android applications and web applications and runs smooth. According to Huawei reports on the OS been 60% faster than the Android OS has been termed as fake news and Huawei have made no such statements.

The new Hongmeng OS is set to be launched in September inside the Huawei mate 30 series.

According to Huawei. The operating system is in for final touches and
dealing with security issues such as hacking before it is fully launched to the public globally.

They want to ensure that it is safe and better and Huawei’s name remains up high.


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