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Snoop Dogg vs DMX the Verzuz battle.

Which Dog got the bone?

Snoops Dogg Vs DMX Verzuz battle poster

Last night verzuz battle definitely lived up to its hype, streamed on both Instagram live and iTunes both DMX and Snoop Dogg kept the online audience bumping and dancing to some of the best hip hop hits of all times.

The event which was being streamed late at night in Africa attracted more than 500k views on Instagram with an unknown audience on iTunes. Many of the music big stars could be seen commenting on the live feed.

The two-plus hours battle ended with no clear winner as both really brought their A game. Many expected Snoop to completely annihilate DMX but that was not the case. X proved his prowess and repped New York just as hard as Snoop repped the West Coast.

Snoops home studio was the location for the battle so it was only fair for him to do the introduction. He asked DMX to start off with a prayer before he started off on the first round.

DMX and Snoop during the live stream

DMX looks to have gained quite some weight but Snoop looked and moved like a teenager providing some great entertainment. Even though DMX was rigid only moving his hands that dint did not stop X from going in with his hard-hitting classic club bangers.

The duo started off with tracks that reminded the audience of who they were. DMX with “what’s my name?” and Snoop with “what’s my motherf***g name?”.

There was obviously respect from both “dogs” and DMX explained how his track ” Get at me” came about. It was apparently inspired by their meeting in a NY club. Snoop talked about how the West coast really wanted to be part of the NY hip hop scene as they considered it the “mecca of hip hop”.

Both pulled out some hits meant to appeal to each others “bags” and it was clear that even though there existed some hostility between the two coasts back in the day both artists loved each other’s music. Each could be seen and heard doing ad lips on each other’s tracks.

The songs span from classic gangstar hits of the 90’s, storytelling, and their soft side with the ladies. It was really two dogs in a cage going at each other with the fans watching virtually from all over the world.

For those with Apple devices they were able to cast the stream onto their home devices and watch in HD.

Verzuz Tv which was started by Swizz Beats and Timberland has been holding classic battles that have gained quite a huge following. Some of the battles that have been held before are Beenie man VS Bounty Killer, Alicia Keys VS John Legend, Fabulous VS Jada Kiss, Teddy Rilley VS Babyface, Erykah Badu VS Jill Scott and many more.

Fans on twitter followed keenly, here are some of the comments

For hip hop head last night battle was quite a treat and the culture definitely won. On to the next one!

If you missed the battle you can watch it on demand here.

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